Can your HubSpot portal be optimized?

HubSpot Checkup – Your free portal analysis from a HubSpot Platinum Partner

Our certified HubSpot professionals will take a close look at your system and analyze how efficiently you are using the subscribed hubs. As a result, you will receive a customized slide deck consisting of:

  •  Setup Inspection
  •  Features Check
  •  Hidden or Underutilized Features
  •  HubSpot Best Practices
HubSpot Checkup

CRM Optimization

How the HubSpot Checkup can help you


Establish a foundation for effective collaboration via optimized portal settings


Asses the use of all HubSpot Features and discover new functions within your existing Hubs


Understand your current HubSpot fees and identify potential cost savings for the future


Learn the Best Practices for HubSpot use from our experienced team

Checkup Structure & Functions

How our HubSpot Checkup works

  • In addition to the title and description of the analyzed function, a link will take you to exactly where you can find it. This saves you time when assessing your checkup results.
  • Our traffic light key illustrates quickly whether a HubSpot function is being used fully, partially, or not at all.
  • The yellow boxes contain the best tips & tricks we've gathered from our daily HubSpot use.
  • You can then utilize the Checkup Plan to determine whether your HubSpot system requires regular analysis and maintenance.
HubSpot Checkup Mockup EN


What you can expect from the HubSpot Checkup

HubSpot Setup Inspektion

Setup Inspection

Here we check the basic setup of your HubSpot system. This ensures that the necessary settings in HubSpot are set up for success.

HubSpot Feature Check

Feature Check

We compare the available functions in your system with actual usage. From this, we are able to determine if additional tools from HubSpot are needed, if the current subscription is well-suited, and if further optimization is required. 

Versteckte HubSpot Features

Hidden Features

Not all HubSpot features are accessible through the main navigation. We often hear from clients after our assessment, "Oh, I didn't know we could do that in HubSpot!"


The next steps for your
HubSpot Checkup


1. Complete the form

It's important that we know which portal you are interested in receiving a Checkup. Please fill out the form below with the correct information and confirm your e-mail address.


2. NDA (optional)

We do not make any changes to your HubSpot system and handle the information it contains confidentially. If you wish, we are happy to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in advance.


3. Send a user invitation

Create a new user for made2GROW in your HubSpot portal. When assigning rights, decide what we can and cannot see.


4. Receive HubSpot Checkup

As soon as access has been granted, our HubSpot experts get to work. The time required for this depends on the number of subscribed hubs you have and our current workload. As a rule, you should receive the result after a few business days.


Why made2GROW

Benefit from our HubSpot experience

  •  Long-time, official HubSpot Platinum Partner
  •  5-star rating in the HubSpot service provider directory
  •  Specialists in the DACH market
  •  GDPR-adherence and regulation implementation
  •  Our HubSpot Certified Trainer provides lessons in German
  •  We're an official host of the HubSpot User Group for Cologne

Ready to go?

Request your free HubSpot Checkup now

  •  No surprises: We analyze your portal, but will not make any changes without your confirmation.
  •  Confidential: We do not pass on any of your information and will sign an NDA on request.
  •  It's really free: There are no hidden costs and you get full access to your Checkup results.

Still have questions?

HubSpot Checkup FAQs

How do you benefit from offering this service free of charge?

First of all, we would like to prove ourselves to you with the Checkup and the HubSpot Tips & Tricks it contains. Of course, we hope you will think of us first when tapping into the potential uncovered in the Checkup. If your current agency is also very familiar with HubSpot and can take over the implementation, that's fine too.

And don't worry–we respect boundaries and won't flood your inbox with a lot of sales emails. Additionally, you always have the option to unsubscribe from all made2GROW communication with a couple of clicks.

What is an NDA and do I need one for the HubSpot Checkup?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement in which the signing parties agree to treat all information exchanged as strictly confidential.

You do not need an NDA to request the Checkup. It is an additional guarantee for you that we will handle the data in your HubSpot portal confidentially. Of course, we do this even without a contract. If you would like to use an NDA, you can download our template after filling out the form or send us one of your own to sign.

How often should I do a thorough review of my HubSpot portal?

There is no general answer to this question. Of course, one bad import of data can have a major impact on the CRM system, but it usually takes a few months before a new Checkup makes sense. In our automatic Checkup Plan, you can choose between a semi-annual and annual Checkup for the future.

Am I qualified for the Checkup even if I have the free version of HubSpot ?

In general, the checkup is not limited to certain HubSpot subscriptions, but the range of functions is significantly smaller with the free HubSpot products. This means that there is a lot less to review and many components of the Checkup are omitted.